Windows in the World

I used to dread weddings.  I also used to dread going to Disney World.  But something changed in me a few years back (I think it was having three children).  Now I love seeing the wonder on my children’s faces when we walk through the Magic Kingdom.  I love mustering enough wonder to feel like a kid again myself, moving through a world where there is more than what you can see with your eyes, where anything can happen.  When we get a wedding invitation in the mail, I’m the one who sticks it on the fridge and marks the calendar.  My wife and I hold hands and watch the groom’s face as his bride glides down the aisle toward her destiny and his delight.  I love all these things because they remind me of Christ.  They are products of his imagination–whether the institute of marriage, or communion, or the childlike wonder of a great story–and they remind me that there is goodness in the world, and that it is only a shadow of an even greater, better world that we can’t yet see.


To hear the song, “Windows in the World” from Andrew Peterson, visit:




One Response to “Windows in the World”

  1. Luke Says:

    I love the repeated line about the “goodness coming through.” I thought about how fallen the world is because of sin, and yet how incredibly good God’s original design of the world really is, so filled with goodness that it bleeds through even in the midst of our mucked up world.

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