The Good Confession

People have asked me when I became a Christian.  The fact that I’m a preacher’s kid makes that difficult to answer.  If you mean, “When did I first learn about Jesus and know that he loved me, and I him?” I’d say I was probably about four.  Thanks to Christian parents, VBS, and Sunday School, he’s been present in my story for as long as I can remember.  


If you mean, “When did you make a public confession and get baptized?” that’s easier.  I was nine-years-old.  I walked the aisle and told everybody in the congregation that I believed Jesus was the Christ, Son of the Living God.  I cried through the whole thing until I had to get in the water, and I only stopped then because it was so warm and soothing.  But was I truly a follower of Christ, a disciple throughout high school?  If you asked any of the gang I hung out with the answer would be a resounding guffaw.  I didn’t care a hoot about Jesus.  I only wanted a girlfriend and and electric guitar.  


If you mean, “When were you really confronted with your sin?  When did you really repent?” I’d tell you it was at church camp in my teens.  The last night of camp a guy dressed like Jesus served me communion and I was supposed to find a place to pray alone.  The moon eclipsed–no kidding–and turned blood red.  I thought the Horsemen of the Apocalypse would come galloping out of the Florida sky at any moment, and I was sure that I’d be trampled to bits by the hooves of Judgment.  I went to the woods and cried for hours.  


If you mean, “When did you really commit your life to serving him?” then I’d say it was the year after high school, when I walked the aisle at a youth convention at which I was a counselor, ostensibly.  In front of six hundred kids I made a public commitment to using my gifts vocationally for God’s Kingdom.  That was a big one.  That was around the time Rich Mullins’s lyrics were banging around in my heart like a loose cannon.  And so on, and so on.  


This song is my way of coming to the conclusion that all I know for sure is this: Christ not only saved me, he’s continuing to save me.  Every morning, his mercies are made new.  I’m saved again.  And again.  My only plea now and always will be the same thing I confessed when I was nine and bawling into my dad’s hip: “I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, my Lord and my Savior.”


To hear the song, “The Good Confession” from Andrew Peterson, visit:




3 Responses to “The Good Confession”

  1. Luke Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is one that seems so familiar to me. It easy to feel like I’ve been “born again breach” when I look at how I’ve carried out my faith over the years, but God is faithful, and he carries us from glory to glory to make us like His Son.

    I can’t wait to see Him.

  2. New Music!! « traviswright Says:

    […] have a hard time re-creating something that sounds so good. Download Don’t Give Up On Me and The Good Confession. (Click on the links for his explanation on why/how he came to write these songs – it’s worth […]

  3. mum of critters Says:

    i told you this in an email years ago when i first discovered your music but i have always felt like you picked up where Rich left off when God took him home. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world

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