We had a hard week getting to NASA.  A week that included a funeral, concerts, very long drives, and sickness.  But we were determined to make it to Cape Kennedy to watch Space Shuttle Atlantis take off.  Why?  Because astronaut Patrick Forrester, the mission specialist for the trip to the International Space Station, was carrying my CDs to space with him.  He kindly provided me and my family with VIP passes to a special viewing area for the launch, and promised to take a picture of my CD Clear to Venus in orbit.  I was sure that the experience of seeing a rocket blasting into space would be exciting, but I was unprepared for the overwhelming sense of awe, wonder, gratitude, and joy I would feel.  In the video I took of the launch, all you can hear, above the roar of the crowd and the rumble of the rocket, is me screaming, “OH MY GOODNESS,” over and over.  I cried, I’ll admit it.  After the stress and the travel and the emotional tension of the preceding week, what I needed was to stand with my family and watch a friend strap himself to the most complex machine ever built and hold on for dear life as it blasted him into the heavens.  This song was my attempt at showing my gratitude to Pat, as well as getting to the bottom of what it was about the experience that moved me so.


To hear the song, “Rocket” from Andrew Peterson, visit:



One Response to “Rocket”

  1. Jayson Says:

    I’ve been streaming the full samples of this album for the last two weeks. I already loved it but I love it even more now reading your stories behind the songs.

    These songs are ministering deeply to me in days of darkness. They are helping me to hope in God. Thank you for being a channel of His grace and mercy to me.


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