Don’t Give Up On Me

This is not the same love song I would’ve written for my bride during our first year of marriage.  This is a thirteenth year of marriage love song, which is to say that it deals with screw ups, and being burned, and having regrets, and apologies, and shaking one’s fist at the heavens.  I remember hearing someone complain about a songwriter once.  They said that the artist’s new record wasn’t as good because the songwriter was now married and his life was too happy.  Just give it a few years, I thought.  I’m not being cynical.  Marriage is a crucible; it forces you to lay down your life for another a little bit at a time, which is good for those of us too cowardly to do it all at once.  My sweet wife, a gentle, strong and beautiful woman, has agreed by the grace of God not just to plant the seed of our marriage, but to water it, feed it, tend it as it grows.  And I have agreed to the same, come Hell or high water.  After thirteen years, we both know that Hell and high water have come, and are likely to come again.  Do I believe that Christ will sustain us?  I do.  You may kiss the bride.


To hear the song, “Don’t Give Up on Me” from Andrew Peterson, visit:



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  1. New Music!! « traviswright Says:

    […] you try to play, you’ll have a hard time re-creating something that sounds so good. Download Don’t Give Up On Me and The Good Confession. (Click on the links for his explanation on why/how he came to write these […]

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