All You’ll Ever Need

Three Old Testament stories that offer further proof that God knows what he’s doing: Elisha and the Widow’s oil, Naaman the Leper, and Elijah and the Prophets of Baal.  Go track them down and read them.  All three of these stories foreshadow the coming work of Christ in ways that my friend Ben Shive noticed when he was reading them to his kids.  We started the song on the way home from the studio and finished it the next night via an internet chat.  (I wonder if it’s the first song ever co-written that way?)  The point is this: The blood of Christ is the key that opens the door to the Kingdom.  The more I come to know the deep mysteries of God, the less comfortable I am claiming to understand any of them.  The closer I grow to Christ, the more forgiven I realize I am.  And I have a feeling that will go on forever.     


To hear the song, “All You’ll Ever Need” from Andrew Peterson, visit:




One Response to “All You’ll Ever Need”

  1. Luke Says:

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I am coming to understand more and more that real growth and maturity has more do to with seeing my depravity and great need for the blood of Christ. God has ratified the “covenant of empty pockets” (Isaiah 55), and I am so grateful that for his love.

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